Railroad & Intern working agreement
It is agreed that the Railroad signed below will extend an opportunity to actually experience the areas of their operations as stated to this participating intern and at the terms and conditions web page described at Internship
The Railroad agrees to complete an Internship Evaluation form for the student and return the evaluation to the Internship Program Coordinator. 
Where stipend is involved, the final arrangement will be made between ARC-Tech.Net and student. Intern who sign the Internship Agreement Form and who are properly enrolled and working within the scope of their internship are covered by the Railroad insurance programs. Regular workerís compensation guidelines apply to employed Track Worker. 
Railroad are encouraged to consult their legal advisors for related questions. Health and accident insurance is the internís responsibility.
ARC-Tech.Net agrees to award internship certificate to the above named intern upon satisfactory completion of the work experience and required reports. The Internship advisor will determine the grade.
Date of agreement_____________________
Internship duration date from___________________to________________ 
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